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  1. Apparently since version 5.3.xx if the option of "permanent notification" is deactivated, the conflict with the notifications occurs (notification icon does not disappear), apparently they are working to fix it. For now the only temporary solution are: 1- block antivirus notifications from settings in android or 2- activate permanent notifications
  2. On my PC, as I said above, using Manjaro 18 XFCE 4.14, it only affected (that I have noticed) Chromium (as of version 79) and Firefox (this does not close, but generates processes called "IPC LAUNCH # 1 "that consume a lot of RAM, even when I close Firefox, these processes being active). For now I am considering whether to continue using NOD32 in Linux, because, 1 month ago I stopped using NOD32 and I noticed a lot of difference with the consumption of RAM when it is not installed. PC with 4 GB of RAM and 2 GB SWAP Stand-BY: With NOD32 (600mb) NO NO32 (390 mb) Chromium (more than 5 or more tabs open with videos) With NOD32 (2.5 GB to 3.5 GB and rarely up to 200 mb of swap) No NOD32 (1.0 GB to 1.8 GB) Firefox (same conditions as Chromium) With nod32: (3.0 GB to 4 GB and up to 1 GB of swap) Without NOD32: ( up to 2 GB and does not play the SWAP). In Windows 10 it consumes RAM but not so much, it is seen that they are more dedicated to this OS
  3. In Manjaro 18.1.5 (kernel 5.4.12-1 and, XFCE 4.14.3), not only chromium 79 is affected but also firefox 72. In chromium 79 it closes at approximately 10-15 seconds, unless we deactivate the sandbox. In firefox 72 a process called IPC LAUNCH # 1 appears, which does not close when closing firefox, consuming a lot of RAM, because several of these processes are generated at the same time. En Manjaro 18.1.5(kernel 5.4.12-1 y, XFCE 4.14.3),no solamente se ve afectado chromium 79 sino tambien firefox 72. En chromium 79 se cierra aproximadamente a los 10-15 segundos, salvo que, desactivemos la sandbox. En firefox 72 aparece un proceso llamado IPC LAUNCH #1, el cual no se cierra al cerrar firefox, consumiendo mucha RAM, porque se generan varios de estos procesos al mismo tiempo.
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