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  1. Perhaps I should ask my Service Technician if he charged me for this Application. I'm still waiting for the invoice from him. I will explore the costs of a new installation. Thank you.
  2. The ESET Security Package I have paid for was installed by and on the initiative of a Computer Repair/Service Company. I was not asked for consent beforehand, but it seems a good package so I wish to keep it. I do not know what details he used to create an account or even if one exists in my name. I cannot find the Licence Number for the Product, but the app screen tells me I'm licensed to 16/11/2022. I have set up a profile but I don't see how it helps me. I have the above Message "The Credentials used to access ESET LiveGrid servers are not correct" but do not know what this means nor how to correct/address it. I have never seen the message before. eis_logs 1.zip
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