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  1. I sent an email 28/01/2020 to samples@eset.com and I haven't even received a case number and any answer. Please, is critical.
  2. Dear Sirs, I need upload a file with more that 100 mb because is a false positive but I don't see any ftp to upload the file, only an email. Could you provide me a ftp site, please? Regards
  3. Dear Sirs, We are a company we are a company that develops software. Since two months, your anti-virus detect our software like a malware and it's putting our business at risk because there are some ITs that not allow install the software. We sent a lot of emails in order to fix that. You always ask us to send the file and you always tell us everything's right and you'll put it on the white list, but this never happens. We have no choice but to write to you on this site so that you can give us a solution Regards
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