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  1. Hi, Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. I have had ESET Antivirus installed for about 3 years now, but its keeps blocking all access to the internet. I can see from these forums that other members have had the issue in the past, but cannot see that anyone posted a way to resolve to this issue...... I have done the following to try and resolve the issue: - Turned off ESET firewall - Reinstalled ESET antivirus - Turned of ESET Proxy When I reinstall the program, the issue goes away and I can then re-access the internet again, however after I restart windows (Windows 7) and ESET reboots, it does the same thing all over again and blocks all traffic again.......this I can only then resolve by uninstalling and re-installing ESET all over again! I have noticed from Windows 'Task manager' that both ESET and ESET PROXY are running in the background. I am not sure why the 'ESET Proxy' keeps running though, because I do not use a Proxy server and the function is not enabled in the ESET advanced settings. Can anyone help? does any one else have this issue? If I cannot fix this issue then its likely that I will move back to either AVG or Norton or another provider, as this problem is making web access impossible!
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