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    tarhan received kudos from pikatenor in Chrome 79 always starts a core dump and crashes   
    You are lying here. Yes, NOD32 maybe does not specifically affect browsers. But to intercepting launching viruses you installing intercepting library affecting all applications. Even which launched via systemd.
    Error SIGILL (Illegal instruction from Chrome output in terminal) usually means that application was compiled for newer CPU which have instructions which you CPU does not have. In past Chrome already started to SSE2 instructions which was not on Pentium 4 and some Atoms CPUs.
    But in this particular case reason is different since after uninstalling ESET Chrome 79 starts working normally. Maybe during injection your code in Chrome (from library libesets_pac.so ) something leads Chrome (or maybe ESET) to execute illegal instruction. Besides Chrome CUPS subsystem (printers) not working with ESET. I don't know since when. In logs both says "ERROR: ld.so: object 'libesets_pac.so' from /etc/ld.so.preload cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored."
    Maybe because of NOD32 unable to inject libesets_pac.so code using LD_PRELOAD in Chrome and inject successfully some other library then it leads to inconsistent behavior.
    Visually Chrome 79 with ESET installed blinking randomly with some freezes. Chrome uses dedicated processes for rendering pages which only "streaming" rendered content to main process with UI for presenting to user. Maybe Chrome 79 using some new IPC methods to transfer rendered content which NOD32 intercepts and parsing for too long (causing blinking in main UI process' OpenGL Context). 
    I've never looked to Chromium source code so I'm not sure if I'm right about new IPC (if it is new).
    Also I mine cause graphical system in Ubuntu is X11. 
    It is better to other victims of such error to reply if you are using Wayland (in case X11 do not answer to prevent flooding in thread). It is maybe related. To check which system you are using enter in terminal following command:
    echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE  
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