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  1. Please, may we know when a new version is going to be released? We haven't been able to use ESET for 2 months now. Our license will expire soon and I'm not going to recommend my boss to extend it until a fixed version is released.
  2. So Opera upgraded its rendering engine as well. Other unaffected browser is Pale Moon. It's really necessary for ESET to see to it!
  3. I just executed: sudo systemctl stop esets and then with xkill killed the gui
  4. We have the same problem after upgrading Linux Mint to 19.3. Vivaldi browser (using the same rednering core) is crashing as well. Dmesg is full of the following messages: [513715.793941] vivaldi-bin[21432]: segfault at 3b8 ip 00005626bd23e3b6 sp 00007ffce3bf7500 error 6 in vivaldi-bin[5626b902c000+72c3000] The browser often freezes and then after several freezes it is terminated. We use the latest version of ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 – Please, could you fix it?
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