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  1. My latest problems were even with Sony PRS-T2, and even after fresh reboot. The card separately still worked fine but T2 is not designed for frequent access to the card. Notice that when only the internal card was used, Aura HD was handled fine. The problem is when an additional external sd card is inserted into the reader.
  2. UPDATE: I have uninstalled Eset Smart Security completely. Tried again - the e-reader and its external card detected and working fine. Then I have installed a trial version of another similar antivirus/firewall combo - still e-reader and its external card detected and working fine. The history with Eset Smart Security was getting progressively worse and worse: 1. Initially, the freeze was occurring only with Kobo Aura HD when an external card was inserted and only when Calibre was already running. If Aura HD was connected first, and Calibre started afterwards - all OK. Meanwhile - with Sony PRS-T2 everything was fine, but I never used Calibre with PRS-T2 - no need for that with a rooted T2. Later I stopped using Calibre with Aura HD as well, after somebody made a Cool Reader port for it. Anyway, later I began experiencing problems with T2 sometimes, but never after a fresh reboot. However recently even reboot was no longer helping, I tried to reboot several times and no success. Possibly some software updates caused this deterioration. If it was because of a conflict with some driver or other software, software updates of another product may have caused the deterioration as well. I tried to disable virus protection - still windows hangs. But when I uninstalled Eset Smart Security completely - everything is fine - so far. When I installed another similar product - again everything is fine - so far (still relatively soon after reboot). But I think it proves that the problem was with Eset SS or with its conflict with something else.
  3. OK, the dump created and uploaded, the pm sent. I repeat - once the memory usage starts growing it keeps growing at a pretty constant rate, even when all other applications are closed. Once the memory leak occurs, it continues until all the available memory is used up. This time the leak occurred after Eset SS detected that Windows was out-of-date (important updates available). It may have been a coincidence or not.
  4. I just noticed one thing: Windows updates are available - maybe the gui starts growing when Windows updates are available? It is a possibility. SS detects windows updates
  5. So I closed Opera, killed some background processes that clearly could be killed, closed even the task manager. The GUI still growing. Now it is 823.3 MB No wonder it got over 20 GB when kept growing long enough.
  6. I now closed everything except the task manager and Opera. I also closed all the tabs in Opera except this one. Strange, the memory usage of Opera went down to 719.5 MB only. One this tab, really? The SS gui growing rate, 1 minute: Start: 780.0 MB (yes, it went up 40 MB already) End: 781.3 MB The same rate, even with everything closed. I will now close Opera altogether. And see what happens then. Of course, there are still background processes and windows processes, not sure if killing some of them could help. But active application will be closed. BTW: ESET service: 103.4 MB - does not seem to be growing ESET Main GUI: 787.4 MB
  7. After staying below 8 MB for several days, today Smart Security gui memory usage finally began to grow. First I saw it was about 78 MB, now, a few hours later - 715.8 MB (it grew while I was off computer and not doing anything (I mean, not starting anything new or not opening new tabs, or not actively downloading anything, Opera, uTorrent, NewsBinPro, several instances of Far, etc - remained open) If the problem is somehow related to Opera, the current Opera memory usage: 2,224.6 MB - maybe before I had not enough open tabs While I was typing this, just in a couple of minutes, the gui memory usage further grew to 731.5 MB. I did nothing except typed this text and closed a few Opera tabs - the Opera memory usage actually went down. It seems that once the gui started growing, it will continue. A minute later: 734.5 MB. Let me use a timer set to 1 minute: Start: 737.3 MB End: 738.7 MB Start: 740.0 MB End: 741.4 MB Interesting, a stable rate of 1.4 MB a minute
  8. No, SSL scanning is disabled - by default, probably. Among all those open tabs there are usually very few or no https pages. Am I the first one to report a memory leak in the GUI? If the GUI is just a GUI and nothing else, this memory leak should not depend on what other applications I am running, etc. I often have uTorrent with many active torrents, NewsBinPro (64 bit) using lots of memory and with many active threads, and Opera (64 bit build) with multiple open tabs and windows And I have three network adapters simultaneously active, max bandwidth on two of them is > 300 Mbps each, on the third one - 100 Mbps, so network activity is sometimes considerable. I have two usenet servers on specific adapters and the default gw (for uTorrent etc) - on the third one. But still, - it is just a GUI, not a scanning engine? Currently the main gui is using 7.2 MB - increased slightly from 4.8 MB it was stuck at before. I doubt if it reaches gigabytes so gradually.
  9. At least there are no freezes when connecting external USB drives - as used to be with XP and SS version 5? I am using mostly double docking stations, some USB 3.0, others - 2.0, and some of them disconnect and reconnect from time to time. I blame the controllers in those docking stations rather than ESET. But I am just guessing. Speaking about those docking stations: today I was not able to connect the T2 e-reader at all, even after reboot - never happened before. I should test also with all those docking stations disconnected. Possibly some conflicts when using so many usb ports. Thanks for the links. As to the second link, I don't think I have any of those drivers installed. Is there a way to disable SS completely, short of uninstalling? It was really strange to see that red circle rotating - protection disabled but still started some start-up scan after already being disabled. Even so, I would expect such a scan to be performed very quickly, not to continue seemingly forever. The card in the reader is 32 GB almost full of small files, though. But still, when it works correctly, the card shows up at once and there is no perceptible waiting involved.
  10. No, I can't reproduce it at any time. Yesterday it was 6 GB, but now it is staying at 4.8 MB. I'm not sure how frequently it occurs because I may not notice it for days and weeks - having lots of free memory. Possibly it is related to hundreds of open tabs in 64 bit Opera 12.16 - it sometimes uses similar amount of memory as Opera, but perhaps a coincidence - so far it does not happen.
  11. This happens with Kobo Aura HD but recently more and more frequently also with Sony PRS-T2. The freeze is not complete - just all the programs not responding and cannot be killed. When Inserting just the sd card without the e-reader - everything is OK. Maybe I need to wait a few hours, not sure - because The SS icon is circling around and saying something about start-up scanning (forgot the exact wording). But it starts circling only after inserting an e-reader into USB. When I tried to disable all the protection, the ESET icon became red, but when I inserted the e-reader, it still began circling around with start-up scanning, even though disabled ! Each time I have to reboot. So not sure, I strongly suspect ESET. There was a time a few years ago when ESET caused freezes after connecting external USB hard drives (windows XP). Something similar with e-readers now. But this is so severe that perhaps ESET is not the culprit - I noticed that my PC sometimes does not boot correctly after such an episode if not switched off completely. Just "restart" is not enough. As I currently have many external USB drives connected as well, possibly the severity of the problem depends on how many and what drives are connected, in what enclosures or docking stations, to which usb ports, etc. I guess, the best test would be to uninstall SS completely and see what happens. But it really should not run any scans when red-disabled !!! BTW, my license expires in 11 days and SS is going crazy: showing warnings all the time even though I still have a valid license and do not wish to see any such warnings. I am posting here in a hope to get some answers before I need either to get a new license or a new antivirus software. My system: Windows 8 64 bit (with explorer.exe from Windows 7) 32 GB of memory ESET Smart Security 7.0.302.26
  12. version 7.0.302.26 (previous had that memory leak too - upgrading did not help) The main GUI of ESET SS sometimes uses many gigabytes of memory. Yesterday - 6 GB, but I remember it using much more. Possibly more than 20 GB. Usually I can kill the main GUI from the task manager and then it restarts by itself at once and after restarting it uses about 5 MB only. But at least once I was not able to kill it and had to reboot. I was not able to detect the exact moment or the reason when/why it occurs. And because my license expires in 11 days I am thinking about trying something else - I have also another issue which might be ESET related, not sure yet - I guess, better to write separately about it. My system: Windows 8 64 bit with explorer.exe from Windows 7 (in a wrapper) - so I don't have any Metro or Apps or lucky charms or whatever they are called. Memory: 32 GB
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