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  1. I think ESET lacks one very important feature which also affects computer security a lot, without password protection in Activate your product... window other computer users can modify your product key. I think that once password protection is defined through ESET settings it should also cover the whole product, including Activate your product... window. My suggestion is that when you click Activate your product... link it should ask your password. I know that other users can not see the password when you activate your product using Username and Password method, but in my opinion other computer users should not have a privilege to open this window in first place.
  2. You can always hide tray icons and only make it to show notifications without any icons: hxxp://i.imgur.com/jI0dWRQ.png
  3. It might be enabled yes, you should check if it's enabled: hxxp://i.imgur.com/lyoWZu8.png
  4. ESET Smart Security 7 user. Interested about computers and security. And also developing ESET to make it even more perfect.
  5. Check this if it helps: https://forum.eset.com/topic/2215-there-should-have-a-warning-when-enabling-resolve-host-names/
  6. I would like to tweak Update Rollback a bit, i.e an option to choose where Update Rollback files are stored, and confirmation window upon ESET update which asks you to verify where to save Update Rollback files.
  7. I would like to get a keyboard combination to Gamer Mode, so I could easily enable/disable when necessary without going all the way through ESET settings window, or maybe a Gamer Mode option integrated to ESET tray icon.
  8. I access most often: Home I access rarely or never: Log files Other specified: Enable Gamer Mode with mouse click via tray icon or with keyboard combination. Edit: And an option to use Rollback via tray icon would be great, for easier and faster navigation.
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