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  1. No, its not an issue relevant to Error: Windows Backup failed to get an exclusive lock on the EFI system partition (ESP). there is no message in eset or windows that could indicate something to help
  2. Dear all, My best wishes for a happy new year to everyone! I would like your support for a strange issue that we have been experiencing recently. We upgraded many of our Windows server 2012 R2 datacenter hosts from ESET file security 6.5.something to the ESET file security 7.1.12006.0 and since then all backup jobs were failing. We are using Microsoft DPM 2016 for performing backups of virtual machines on hyper v hosts and with 6.5 version everything was working fine without any further configuration. Below some further info to help you understand the case: we restarted the servers multiple times after installation once we remove eset file security 7.1 all backups are working fine firewall rules on windows are set properly. tried to install all windows updates tried to disable all features of file security one by one without success in some cases i was also experiencing issues like those described for 6.5 version here https://support.eset.com/en/system-is-unresponsive-or-crashes-with-eset-products-installed-era-62 as i have very limited maintenance windows and i cannot perform safe troubleshooting with try and error i would appreciate if someone else can share his experience or thoughts. below the installed components that we have: Detection Engine: 20606 (20200102) Rapid Response module: 15502 (20200102) Update module: 1018.1 (20190709) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1557.6 (20191218) Advanced heuristics module: 1196 (20191108) Archive support module: 1296 (20191212) Cleaner module: 1205 (20191209) Anti-Stealth support module: 1156.1 (20191216) Firewall module: 1396.1 (20191223) ESET SysInspector module: 1275 (20181220) Translation support module: 1777 (20191128) HIPS support module: 1379.2 (20191218) Internet protection module: 1380 (20190920) Database module: 1110 (20190827) Configuration module (36): 1811.6 (20191029) LiveGrid communication module: 1055 (20191107) Specialized cleaner module: 1013 (20190627) Rootkit detection and cleaning module: 1019 (20170825) Network protection module: 1682 (20190801) Script scanner module: 1062 (20191204) Connected Home Network module: 1035 (20191112) Cryptographic protocol support module: 1040 (20190913) Advanced Machine Learning module: 1045 (20191211)
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