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  1. We've checked with Spiceworks forum and here, currently we're seeing the following: Checked through most of our systems here and have found a pattern that EventID: 808 tend to be the error that the PowerShell Script everyone is looking at. Most of the errors so far are legitimate Printer driver issues due to remote connection of some kind. Knowing that IT Admins utilize specific Print Drivers for systems, could ESET get the hash of the files (DLL et al) that's used and have that as a check on servers to verify that it's something we've said are okay? I know we have some VPN users, but normally we don't allow printing to them anyway so blocking them wouldn't be an issue for us here, though I could see it being an issue for others. To that, I'd say have a Print-to-file that they can have emailed to their email or similar. Not sure if this would stop it, but it could be a start for now.
  2. If ERA has a limit due to the database, then is your suggestion to pull multiple reports then use Excel or PowerBi to generate the report we want? If so, couldn't we use a database connection in PowerBi or Excel Power Pivot to do this? I'm not very versed in either, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to learn if we can better and more concise reports.
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