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  1. i don't know much about all the viruses and malwares and stuff, so i would really like to ask if i should do it or not?
  2. since its not working can i just turn off internet security and visit the site? will it in any way harm my pc?
  3. First of all, thanks alot for replying so fast. I appreciate it. but i still had problems with it. I followed all the steps but it was still not working. i also used the uBlock and uMatrix to the best of my capability and tried making it work but it didn't seem to work. (for umatrix i paused the internet security functiom of ESET and blocked defpush access). if i did anything wrong or if there are any extra steps involved, it will be well received.
  4. Hello there, I have been using the site 9anime.to for a while and i am pretty sure that it is clean but recently sometimes ESET blocks it, saying that it detected and blocked a Trojan. If there is anyway of solving this issue of mine plz reply to this post. I have been using ESET for a while and plan on using it for a it if there are no other problems.
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