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  1. I'm wondering if any component ESS consists of might be made responsible for deleting emails in Outlook without asking. This morning I received a legitimate email in Outlook that was clasified as spam and moved to the Spam folder. After I have manually marked it as a legitimate email it has been moved to my inbox but a few seconds later automatically deleted from the IMAP server (Gmail). I'm running the latest version of MS Outlook, i.e. v16 and have the latest version of ESS v8 installed, which - as we know - doesn't integrate with Outlook yet. However, I remember having seen this also in Outlook v15, too... The deleted email is irrecoverable. What should I uncheck in the settings of ESS to prevent it from deleting my email automatically in the future?
  2. My configuration IS affected and I have **no** nVidia graphic card. Motherboard > Dell Inc. Audio > Realtek High Definition Audio Graphic Card > Intel HD Graphics 4600 and ATI Radeon CPU > Intel Core i7 4800MQ and if you have SSD harddrive > YES
  3. Nobody has mentioned a mess with desktop icons whose position is also not remembered. This co-exists along with the folder view settings problem.
  4. This is my problem, too. In addition, the position of desktop icons and their size is not remembered after refreshing the desktop. To the developers of ESET: WHEN is this issue expected to be fixed????
  5. OK. Thank you. I wasn't sure if they aren't conflicting with each other or so.
  6. Hello, My only email client that I've been using is MS Outlook 2013. Is it recommended to run Outlook 2013 with its built-in email junk filter enabled together with ESET Smart Security's (v8.0) spam protection activated? Will there be no incompatibility resulting in an even higher amount of spam coming into my mailbox? I'd be grateful for a reliable answer. -- - remicco PS: All my mail accounts are IMAP accounts (mostly of Gmail).
  7. Yes, I see. But are you working on implementing support for Android 4.4 in the nearest future?
  8. "Note: Your system does not support SMS/MMS blocking" The above notification can be read when creating a new rule. My version of Android is 4.4.2. HTC Sense v5.5 HTC Software v3.10.401.6 Is it really not supported? Will it be supported soon?
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