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  1. Any news on a fix for us Linux users who use Chrome, Chromium etc 😕 I see there is no mention on the Eset website. Is it too much to ask of Eset that they actually 'officially' acknowledge that there is a problem and they have a plan of action. I really do detest companies that don't keep their customers in the loop about progress (if any).
  2. Life would be so much better if Gandalf would wave his wand (actually, I don't think Gandalf needed a wand, different story), .... Would wave his wand at Eset and fix NOD32. All would be right in the world. 😊
  3. Rami, Rami, Rami, You must have a magical laptop sprinkled with Pixie dust. If only I had a source of Pixie dust right now I would feel so much better.
  4. Totally agree, I will be requesting a pro-rata refund based on how long it's taking Eset to resolve this. Currently my feeling is that Eset will not be receiving a renewal. This isn't open source software. We pay you good money for a product and you're not delivering a product that does what it's supposed to do. In fact open source is vastly better because at least users generally get feedback from the developers. Is there any 'official' comment from Eset about this problem and I'm not talking about any moderators comments in this forum.
  5. Sometime in early December 2019. if I remember correctly, I made contact by using the interface in NOD32 for reporting problems. I've no idea where that's reported to, does it even work ? I assumed it was to HQ in Slovakia. I've searched my emails back to 1st December 2019 and have nothing from Eset about a ticket number, just a lot of emails from people reporting the problem on this forum.
  6. Despite contacting Eset officially they have so far not responded. I'm not impressed to say the least. On the plus side, I've noticed my laptop feels faster in terms of how fast programs start having deinstalled NOD32. I don't know whether anybody else has experienced this. It's a fairly subtle improvement in speed but a improvement non the less. But then I guess that's to be expected when Eset is not scanning every file that's opened.
  7. And maybe but only maybe that might be the reason. I'm using Nvidia GTX570M.
  8. OK Rami, please give us a full description of your hardware, what desktop environment your using graphics card, drivers, whether you have hardware acceleration enabled.
  9. It's not necessarily all versions of 79 that have a problem. Early versions of 79 may be fine. What I would like to see is an official response from Eset acknowleging the problem and a resolution, rather than users having to desperately try to figure it out for themselves.
  10. Whoever said it's not an issue with Chromium is wrong. It is an identical issue with Chrome & Chromium from the tests I've done. Just depends on what versions you are using.
  11. Actuall pkill did not work you have to kill -9 pid on each eset daemon
  12. If you run Chrome from the command line while the Eset daemon is running, Chrome produces the following sandbox error. [5012:1:0109/230249.177870:ERROR:child_process_sandbox_support_impl_linux.cc(79)] FontService unique font name matching request did not receive a response. [5012:1:0109/230249.178539:ERROR:child_process_sandbox_support_impl_linux.cc(79)] FontService unique font name matching request did not receive a response. If you kill the Eset daemon 'sudo pkill esets' then you don't get the above error.
  13. Or will we all be requesting refunds and the associated bad press that will produce ? Really ? A bug fix in Q1/2020 and no bug fix planned for the ESET Linux Desktop Home edition ? Seriously ? 😠
  14. If there is no plan for updating ESET NOD32 for Linux Desktop then my plan will be to request ESET to refund the balance of my three year subscription on multiple licences.
  15. It's now the 6th Jan and Chrome is still crashing when the Eset_daemon is running. Does anybody know if anybody is working on this issue ?
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