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  1. I am using ESS version 8.0.312 and am also stuck on 11461.
  2. I am using Windows 7 on my desktop computer and have ESET version 8 installed. For me, ekrn starts off at about 106 MB and stays there after several hours of general computing. It only goes up a small amount when I am running a few applications. I am not seeing any CPU usage spikes. I do think that ESET version 7 used a little less RAM on the same computer but 106 is fine by me.
  3. For the record, ESET on my laptop is still exhibiting the behavior above. I just woke the computer up after it had been asleep for about 14 hours. ESET ran an update and reported that program modules were updated. My loaded virus definitions are version 10306 but ThreatSense shows that version 10314 is available. I am sure if I leave my laptop on for an hour it will pick those up. Perhaps this is the way that the software is supposed to work and that is fine. I can always run a manual update to pick up the latest defs. I think it is possible, however, that someone could end up many, many virus definition updates behind if they go through a time where they are only using their laptops for short periods of time with a day or two between those time periods. It is possible they will only be picking up program module updates and not definition updates. It seems like the odds of this being a problem that causes any real world troubles for ESET users are pretty small. I guess one never knows, however. Oh, I also uninstalled and reinstalled the software just to see if that made a difference. It did not.
  4. Yes, that is reasonable, but I am positive that after several hours of being asleep, there were virus definition updates that were available when the update was run. Those definitions were not picked up but only the modules were updated. As I noted in my message above, I was six definition versions behind when my first update ran yesterday but those didn't get picked up until the second update that ran an hour later. I don't really know if this is a problem or something I should worry about. It just seems like a bit of a glitch. Here is a copy of my update log from the last few days. You can see the long periods of laptop sleep followed by an update that catches some module updates and followed an hour or more later by an update the picks up the several virus definition updates. 8/20/2014 5:37:57 PM ESET Kernel Virus signature database successfully updated to version 10288 (20140820). 8/20/2014 2:13:15 PM ESET Kernel Virus signature database successfully updated to version 10287 (20140820). 8/20/2014 11:36:26 AM ESET Kernel The program modules have been updated. 8/19/2014 6:45:14 PM ESET Kernel Virus signature database successfully updated to version 10282 (20140819). 8/19/2014 5:44:47 PM ESET Kernel The program modules have been updated. 8/18/2014 7:16:38 PM ESET Kernel Virus signature database successfully updated to version 10276 (20140818). 8/18/2014 6:53:53 PM ESET Kernel The program modules have been updated. 8/17/2014 4:30:05 PM ESET Kernel Virus signature database successfully updated to version 10270 (20140817). 8/17/2014 7:57:16 AM ESET Kernel Virus signature database successfully updated to version 10269 (20140817).
  5. Hi. I bought a new laptop about two weeks ago and I loaded ESS on the machine. It is a new ESS license and the laptop runs great with it. I like ESS because it always runs an update when you lift the lid and the laptop wakes up after having been in sleep mode for more than an hour. I previously had a different laptop and ran a few other security programs which were not as reliable at running updates coming out of sleep mode. This is important to me because this machine tends to be on for random amounts of time. Starting yesterday, it seems as if something odd has happened, however. The laptop has sat with its lid closed in sleep mode during the daytime hours for the last two days and I have started to use it when I get home from work. ESS immediately ran an update when I started using it, but on both days this update only resulted in a message saying "the program modules have been updated." The virus definitions were not updated at this first update even though I was several updates behind. Yesterday, I ran a manual update a bit later to update the definitions but tonight I waited an hour and, sure enough, another update ran and the definitions were updated to the latest one. Tonight, when the first update ran at 5:44PM CST after the laptop woke up, my virus definitions were at version 10276 both before and after the update. I went to check the ThreatSense database and it indicated that the latest definition version at that time was 10282. I never noticed this behavior before on this laptop or on my desktop so I don't know if this is what is supposed to happen. It seems to me like both the program modules and the virus definitions should update at the same time after the laptop wakes from a long sleep. In any case, I thought I would check in and see if anyone has any input on this. Thanks.
  6. We're not planning to release this update as a PCU (program component update). Manual download and installation is required. It is interesting to create an update but not release it as a PCU. It is not a big deal for me to manually download and install the thing but can you comment generally on the reasons why an update would not be sent as an automatic one? Does this mean another, bigger update is coming soon or perhaps that just people with specific issues should download the update? Just curious.
  7. Hi. This is a nice poll. Thanks for asking for our input. For the last question, I voted to add "update now" to the tray menu options. I also want to recommend the addition of a "view last pop up message" option to the tray menu. I have another av product that offers this via their tray icon and I do find it useful. I know that I can view actions that result in a pop up using ESET's various log files, but it would be nice to be able to quickly view the last pop up message with a simple click or two. There have been times using ESET and other security products when I have missed whatever the pop up message said and it is helpful to be able to very quickly bring it back up. What is your limit on adding items to the tray menu? I have a vision of that thing being really long.
  8. I suppose the wait for an English version is a little frustrating. I don't think anyone will fault you for switching to Kaspersky. That is a great product. Unfortunately, they are really bad about releasing products before they are ready. Witness the fact that they are currently up to something like patch C on KIS 2014. I have an active KIS license and have tried each "patch release" of 2014 and not one of them runs correctly on my system. I know it works great on others' computers, however. It seems like a user just cannot win ... get an early release that doesn't work or suffer a longer wait for a product that will be polished and smooth running such as ESS v7. I am sticking with the latter choice from now on.
  9. If Germans are smarter, shouldn't they get the new version last? Maybe they need it less than anyone else because they are smarter at avoiding malware without fancy protection.
  10. Hi. I think the concept you are asking about was generally addressed in the thread below from March of 2012 on the old ESET forums at Wilders Security. hxxp://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=319731
  11. I am currently running the latest version of ESS and MalwareBytes Pro realtime on a Windows 7 desktop. I have exclusions set in both programs. I have been running this setup for a few weeks now and have not noticed any problems. I thought for a bit that the combo was affecting the loading of videos in web pages, but determined this was not the case. When I tried this combo in the past, I did have trouble and always resorted to just running MBAM on demand. The problems I had seemed to always revolve around the loading of web page elements or features such as videos. These problems went away when I unloaded MBAM. Somehow, I expect this to eventually happen this time as well. I guess I will see. For now, my machine runs blazingly fast with no hang ups. I am actually unsure how much extra protection MBAM gives me in everyday use. In the past, I have seen it occasionally alert on an IP number but I have not seen that in the past few weeks. So, I am not sure if there is a point to running MBAM in real time. Eventhough I have not noticed any troubles lately, I still have the feeling that it could cause problems. That combined with the idea that I am not sure if I am getting any extra protection from MBAM may eventually lead me to drop back to running it on demand.
  12. Ok, looks good. An automatic update at 3:10pm my time did not pick it up but I clicked on the update button at 3:15pm and it grabbed 8481. I will continue to monitor my updating as I have the chance for the next few days.
  13. Oh, I suspect there still may be a problem. My main computer checked hourly Thursday and ended up three updates behind before I uninstalled ESET and then reinstalled it. Even after the reinstall it was three updates behind. It did a normal install update procedure but didn't go up to the latest update number. After a minute or two I clicked on update and it then grabbed the latest update. Of course, It proceeded to do the same thing the next day and was a few updates behind by the end of the day. Unfortunately, I have it uninstalled at the moment. I should have left in on and done more troubleshooting. I am running ESET on my laptop at the moment and am at update 8479. I am interested to see what happens with the move to 8480. Hopefully, all will go smoothly once it is available.
  14. Ok, good analysis. I am using Google Chrome browser with the Adblock extension. When I disable Adblock, I get the same ad related flag from Eset.
  15. Strange, I have the exact same software version as you BStill and the same virus signature database but I am not blocked when I click on the link in Aryeh's post. I have also never used the Sumatra Reader but I now have the installer in my download folder. Computers and software can be so confusing sometimes.
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