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  1. Yes! That's why I thought I'd post now, because I left it until the last few days on the AV product, and then it was too late to ask for help beyond the customer care via the product. I shall certainly wait a couple of weeks. Now I need to go - many thanks for the encouragement, folks! And good night!
  2. Exactly so, SweX! Never mind, if that's the way ESET operates, nothing I can do. Thanks for taking the trouble ... it's made me think this out more clearly, and, as I said above, I'm keen on offline security, too.
  3. I've taken a longer look at the local distributor's registration p[rocedure - there's no way I'm going to give so much personal information, let alone my credit card details - I get my Inbox full of spam as it is - just exchanging a few friendly emails with a building firm last year brought on another wave of spam. Yes, I think it's good software, but I'm also interested in security in everyday life! But thanks for your reply!
  4. No, SweX, I can't buy from the local distributor in my best language, which is English. I've tried every way around this, but it seems that all potential customers from this European country are directed to the local distributors, and I don't have local credit cards - my banking online is always through my English credit card, and I would be nervous of making mistakes in the foreign language, which needs some extra registration on the selling site, before you can make a purchase. I don't want to do that. In all these years, I have never had a problem with purchasing goods in English, with my credit card - including security software. It looks as if ESET has special conditions. I shall have to go choose a different product, if there's no international site for purchasing the product. It's a shame, because having done some more research, I still think ESET is best for me. The download version of Smart Security came in English, by the way!
  5. Hi! Hope this is the right place to ask this question. I tried out the Antivirus product, and liked it very much - but couldn't purchase it because the links are all in a foreign language (of the country where I live) and when I tried to change to 'International Language', the next link clicked on came up in foreign language again. Tried customer care in product, no reply. Received reminder email in foreign language - I can make it out, but want to manage actual purchase online in English, please! So now I've uninstalled the AV product today, and after a lot of research downloaded Smart Security 7 (2014), because that will probably suit me better, long term, just it's probably better to try it out for a couple of weeks. Please, how do I get around the language thing? I tried to activate in 'Other Country', in hopes of avoiding trouble later, but the program wasn't having that, and pretty much made me accept the country it had correctly determined on ... It's early days, but I'd be very grateful to avoid the massive hassle again. Thanks!
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