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  1. Hi, @Marcos. There is also something like Spindump. Would it be more effective to make this one? This evening I also found esets_proxy hanging on with 200% CPU usage. Usually this MacBook goes crazy if this happens so I could take a closer look at it if this would happen again. Thank you.
  2. Hi, Marcos! Looks like it is working now, thanks! I would test for couple of days, but even now it looks good with Chrome Unstable 83.0.4103.7 dev (64-bit). No flickering, no crashes. Thank you!
  3. Opened link to virustotal again just now, and seeing only 6 of AVs for now. Looks like Fortinet is not in that list today. What is WD? Looks like it is not in list too.
  4. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8609b4f0effc79fa667cad6ae7b822329abcbce4850bb580ce8d8a8f38736477/detection
  5. But if I launch the scan, mobile ESET says this extracted apk is unwanted.
  6. Also, if I extract the apk to sdcard, and send it to my PC, ESET Smart Security Premium is not seeing apk-file as something bad, it says file is OK.
  7. Hi! I'm here to ask about detected application. It's "EWPE Smart", available in Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gree.ewpesmart This app is used to control the air conditioners (thru AC WiFi modules), at least my Cooper&Hunter AC may be controlled by this app. ESET Mobile Security detected Android/Packed.Jiagu.D in it (/data/app/com.gree.ewpesmart-blablabla/base.apk) and set it to "potentially unwanted app" category. Should I inform someone (from Cooper&Hunter, maybe) about this issue, or this could be normal for this app? I di
  8. Strange thing, if I remove NOD32, all works flawlessly. Currently I'm on Chrome-dev 81.0.4021.2
  9. My bad, I not checked that information. I could see this statement somewhere briefly, that "Chromium is not affected", and made additional conclusion from what Craig posted in Google Chrome Community because they say "we are testing new feature".
  10. Reporting: "--disable-features=RendererCodeIntegrity" is not working in Chrome @ Arch Linux. But, "--no-sandbox" is working, BUT PEOPLE, DON'T USE IT, THIS IS A BAD PARAMETER! I removed NOD32 again and would check some news from Marcos.
  11. Thank you! Yep. They named it "Renderer Code Integrity". I found this via search: https://9to5google.com/2019/10/29/google-chrome-78-aw-snap-crash-windows/ "With Chrome 78, Google introduced a Windows 10 specific feature called “renderer code integrity,” which is designed to prevent unsigned code from taking control of Chrome’s page rendering processes. Generally speaking, this was designed to stop most viruses from being able to change the way Chrome’s pages load." Does it mean that, libesets_pac.so is not signed? Does it mean that simple "signaturing" of this lib will
  12. "Chrome was requesting the user to remove ESET on Windows" Huh, thank you, quite interesting info. Could you please guide me somewhere to read about it? I mean to some official places. As I am also using ESET Smart Security Premium on three of my Win10 machines, and wasn't affected, maybe. I want to observe the situation. Is this also posted somewhere in the Google Chrome Community forums? //Sorry for offtopic
  13. Also, please not take my words "wrong browser" as rudeness, I like FOSS. I just meant that you would not find any issues with FOSS Chromium as it's unaffected, the Google did something in it's own product, actually.
  14. Sorry for pressure. My fault. But you are just looking at wrong browser, it would not be affected at all, as I understood. Also (not for being rude, but for numbers and talking about the same things) - the problem potentially affects more than a half of users of linux platform. The ones, who use ESET product for this platform, actually.
  15. Could you please at last install Chrome v79+ from Google and stop being amazed? Also, please follow up the Craig's post here: https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/17555930?hl=en&msgid=22484348 He says: "Hello everyone, We’re following up to let you know that we plan to enable the underlying feature (Renderer Code Integrity) that resulted in the previous incompatibilities with the release of Chrome M79 today." Looks like it's an issue of Chrome from Google. Not a Chromium one. Also, I would take your attention to the fact that Chromium != Google
  16. Hi all! @Marcos, please, take a look at Google Chrome Community post that is connected to this issue: https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/17555930?hl=en&msgid=17960551 Also, mine logs are available here: https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/25526047?hl=en Direct link to logs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j6rqlinuik612nq/google_chrome_unstable_flickering_and_crash.txt?dl=0
  17. Marcos, Having GSODs now... Already have a fulldump, it's weight is 24,3 GiB in 7zip-archive. Please take a look at the attached WinDbg analyze attempt. Will it have interest for you? Also, I've been here: And came from here: 2019-12-21_20-41_analyze.txt 2019-12-21_22-22_lmvm_em008k_64.txt
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