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  1. How I know I use ESET firewall or windows firewall. I use endpoint security 7.0. My own PC firewall setting is like the following picture
  2. I mean to enable the "windows remote management " inbound firewall rule, Can't use GPO do achieve it ?
  3. Hello, How I enable the firewall rule for example windows remote management to clients using ESET security management. Another question I had better Use GPO or ESET security management to achieve it?
  4. OK, Could it run other format file using RUN command e.g. powershell ,vbs
  5. Hello, One client machine always show ARP cache poisioning attack. According this link https://support.eset.com/en/kb2939-exclude-an-ip-address-from-ids-in-eset-windows-home-products I add it's address to the exclude IDS list, which cannot connect any network driver and access internet.
  6. Hello, Is it possible get client machines all driver name and letter including network driver? I cannot find any clues from internet
  7. Hello, I do not want show the total count of computer in generating a report. How I get it. See picture please
  8. Hello, I could see the clients' monitor serial no from the remote administrator console. Now I want to generate a report showing all client monitors' serial number?
  9. Hello, I have classified different IP subnet for different departments, When I locate at the top Windows Computer folder, I want the client machine show Department Group not AD Computers Group. How to do that?
  10. Hello, Could dynamic Group collect the client Machines install some old application installed? for example photoshop cs6 I have tried, it seem to not work. I am using NOD security Management 7 Operation AND (All conditions have to be true) Rules Installed software . Application name = (equal) Adobe Photoshop Installed software . Application version = (equal) CS6
  11. I don't want filter using dynamic group ,please see pic
  12. I only track one or two client machine url history. Is there any link can provide for me how to do that?
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