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  1. How can I tag this as [RESOLVED]?
  2. Hi Marcos, thanks for your quick reply. I wasn't aware to choose "ESMC Security Management Center"/"Security Management Center Components Upgrade" to upgrade a client - stupid me. Best regards, Markus
  3. I have outdated Agent versions that I would like to update, but can't figure out how. I could update the Endpoint product via a software install task, but it didn't update the agent. When I click update I get the following: It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction! Markus
  4. Hi itman, yes I know . I wrote "run a PRTG Server" - it should have read "ran a PRTG Server", because that instance is off the net.
  5. Sorry, the threat is indeed different. Maybe you could move my this to a new thread? In this case I just wanted to know whether "detected" does mean: "detected, but not stopped" and I should worry because I run a PRTG Server (HTTPS on port 85) with a vulnerability (CVE-2019-19119):
  6. We do have the same here - I am very nervous because it is detected but not "RESOLVED": Best regards, Markus
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