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  1. i ll make other one there is any new way ? and also i make other test
  2. i sent it before 1 month ago .. how can i found the ticket number ? or i have to send new ticket ? or if i sent the details Technical Support be good
  3. yes i used many sites .. its the same thing .. with eset ... the internet test just give me 11-13 Mbps ... after i delete it .. its give me 20-21 Mbps
  4. wired machine this problem happen also to other PC .. i try it with laptop wireless and wired ... with eset .. slow net ... without ... good internet ..
  5. yes .., i make test with wired ,, check the 2 pic plz
  6. i used SPEEDTEST with eset nod its give me 20 MBps when i test it without eset nod its give me just 10 Mbps max .. why ??? there is 2 pic for wht i mean
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