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  1. Hi Marcos,

    Your understanding is partially correct , our current scenario is at least 50% of our clients are traveler whose first shift is at head office over LAN and second shift outside LAN accordingly configured all clients (LAN & WAN) to get primary updates over LAN if failed then get the updates which is working fine now after your suggestion but past 1 week watching clients are getting updates more than 1 GB expecting something wrong uninstall the client and install it again though it takes updates more than 1GB. Will do one client install and share your the snapshots soon

  2. Hi Marcos,

    The above suggested works perfectly fine and now all my clients are getting updates from primary over LAN and secondary over net but getting the updates from LAN takes more than the expected time though its Gigport also clients are getting updates of about 1GB whereas client version itself not more than 200 MB. kindly advise.

  3. Hi Marcos,

    As advised, it is getting updates from the ERA server but pls. find below my observation for your further advice.

    1. getting updates over LAN is drastically slow whereas other apps works perfectly fine over Gigport. 

    2. There is about 1GB updates available at client machines.

    . Location of repository in ERA  ?

  4. Hi MartinK,

    your are right, endpoint clients connect to internet get the download local and install which is configured currenlty but my query is to change the primary update to LAN so that all the clients should connect to ERA server to get updates and if it fails then to connect secondary which is ERA server from Internet.

    Based to the above snapshot shared, kinldy advise what changes to be made in order to acheive the goal.

  5. Hi,

    We are running ESET Security Business center Ver 7.2 with win xp, 8.1 & 10 workstation with single primary profile over LAN but seems all clients are getting updates from Internet not over LAN, below are the snapshots for your ready reference, kindly advise what i'm missing to get the updates over LAN?





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