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  1. Log Time of completion: 0:02:36 Total scanning time: 1811 sec (00:30:11) Successful scan. Maybe next version can show different stage of scan process! if it possible please tell me thx very much
  2. You are helpful and experienced man! Glad to meet you. I have to say sorry for my worried feelings, just want to check this is a bug or not
  3. I will reinstall windows 10 again to exclude my PC problem, if problem still occur, i will post here. Thanks again!
  4. I know that, i have reinstall eset for at least 10 times from 2020 to 2021. Only this time reinstall win10 and eset show this problem. Last time i reinstall eis it shows object scanned not stuck during initial scan. Also, only need about 20 mins to finish the initial scan. Only this time problem occur
  5. Thanks for helping I will try that. If still stuck i will refresh install windows 10 to check that.
  6. I think maybe eset has some bugs about this, i finally use 12min to finfish the registry scan. Log Scanned disks, folders and files: System registry Date: 2021/4/19 Time: 22:48:36 Time of completion: 23:13:46 Total scanning time: 1510 sec (00:25:10)
  7. Sorry to bother you again, my eset scanned system registry for 10 mins already. Is it expected?
  8. The same holds true for registry scanning. Therefore you should make tests with the registry and WMI not selected as scan targets.
  9. So my question is always complete scan stuck not custom or part scan. Now i find another problem: single system registry scan also stuck in my PC
  10. I tried scan WMI only again, it works normally. Only complete scan will appear this problem, only!
  11. this picture is running not stuck bro, i just put this one campared with other picture in which eset is stuck
  12. However, when I use custom scan only choose WMI, eset wokrs normally. Only initial scan, computer scan, and custom scan (PS:choose all parts) will trigger this problem.
  13. Initial scan or computer complete scan stuck at the moment of this blue line appears Part scan isn't affected by this blue line.
  14. First time i select system memory,eis stuck. Again eis works normally. select specific floder or disk also works well, it seems only complete scan will stuck almost every time i click. part scan sometimes work, sometimes also stuck
  15. Maybe I think it's a bug! In the screenshot, some task runnning normally. Some even stuck for some reasons. Some custom scan work normally. Some details to provide: 1.stuck task only have CPU consumption no disk read activity 2.others work normally with CPU and disk read together
  16. In Windows 10 Pro 20H2 build 19042.928, EIS first scan stucks in a specific file in gui, in gui the file number won't change after scan about 1700 files, every time I try it will stuck in a different specific file. However it still running in windows task manager, custom scan ui works normally,it will show the current progress.
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