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  1. Hi mates, this is the log of my era server, i replace the compression with to .zip cause tgz upload is not supported. customer_info.zip
  2. it think it not possible to revert to previous state, since we don't any backup or snapshot taken before running the upgrade proccess. and for the RAM AFAIK the machine have sufficient enough RAM installed (8GB), but tbh i don't have direct access to machine before the accident happened, so i don't really know the system load while upgrade proccess is running.
  3. Hello all, I would like to ask something about the latest ESMC. I have an ESMC on Ubuntu 16.04 hosts running ESMC 7.0 and i want to upgrade it to the latest version. I started the upgrade procedure from the ESMC WebConsole and running the ESMC Component Upgrade task, but it took me over 3 days and the task is still running and without any error message on the log. So i just stopped the upgrade procedure and run the upgrade proccess manually. I backed up the database dan stop the eraserver services. Then executed the esmc installer script to install the new vers
  4. Thx for your replies marcos, but when i checked the tmp files, it was digitally signed by ESET, so i just think it was something related to Eset rather than Windows.
  5. Hello pals, I want to ask about file security, cause many of our server run windows Server 2008 and 2012 with file security installed have so many temporary file on a folder C:\Windows\Installer. The file size is growing from time to time, even with deleting, it will just come back by itself. Currently i just read about this to fix on win server 2008 https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2388997/temporary-files-are-left-in-the-c-windows-installer-folder-when-you-qu and tried to install the hot fix, i'll try to install the hotfix, but for windows server 2012 i have no idea. H
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