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  1. Hi Michalj, Did you see my response and could you lead me to the right path? I hope you can help Best regards Daniel
  2. Hi Michalj, I have tried enabling this function a few times and trying at least one whole day. Right now I want to collect the Firewall log. I use the policies for setting up the clients, but can you help with what needs to be turned on? I tried enabling network protection, but that did not help. Please see settings below.
  3. Hi Everybody, I hope you can help me with a problem, that I have been trying to solve. In ESET Cloud Administrator there is a log option under each computer -> Logs -> SysInspector, Log Collector and Diagnostic logs. I am trying to get diagnostic information for debugging purposes, but no matter what I do there is no data in the DIagnostic logs! I have tried resending and turning on diagnostics, but there is nothing in them? Can anyone help me or guide me to a topic, that I haven't been able to find myself? Thank you very much for you're time and help. Bes
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