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  1. can you give me one-two examples when ESET acknowledged an issue and did not blame the customer???
  2. Since this is a very important exam, to avoid any possibility, why don't you uninstall ESET for the duration of the exam???? Doesn't matter what settings are you going to change, still you will be in doubt.
  3. No, he doesn't mean that! dpa said : "if I use the amtso.org site, the phishing test will produce a Detection, however that detection does not send out the desired alert." So ESET will produce a detection but doesn't send out by email .
  4. That is true, however what I can see is Bitdefender , Kaspersky even Microsoft which offer free antivirus , did it quite well 99.9%.
  5. I downloaded eicar in a double ZIP and ESET did not react while I downloaded it. Only when I scanned I got the detection. So, is ESET still "unpacking" double zipped files during the download????
  6. If every S.M.A.R.T software returned a healthy SSD , I will not replace it. Do this: create an image with ACRONIS, install another SSD , restore the image and see what you get. ESET has this tendency of blaming something or somebody else , every time you point the finger to them. What would you expect, a statement like " Yes, indeed, our software destroyed your SSD"????
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