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  1. So, what was the point of mentioning "an user with an Arabic name "? Your statement implies that the license was cancelled because was registered to an user with Arabic name. Careful here....
  2. So, ESET cancels a license because was registered to a user with an Arabic name ??? I hope you realize that this statement may have legal implications?
  3. We do not live in a perfect world , but the expectation from a new version it is not to fix 5 bugs from previous version and create 10 new on its own. ESET is growing in complexity beyond the capability of a regular user to handle it, with over 120 possible settings altogether. At the same time some other vendors (Avira for example) can manage with just several setting to get 100% on AV Comparatives.
  4. If every S.M.A.R.T software returned a healthy SSD , I will not replace it. Do this: create an image with ACRONIS, install another SSD , restore the image and see what you get. ESET has this tendency of blaming something or somebody else , every time you point the finger to them. What would you expect, a statement like " Yes, indeed, our software destroyed your SSD"????
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