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  1. I have a new ThinkPad on order with WIndows 10 Pro, which should arrive in a couple of weeks. I am just going to transfer my ESET license to that machine, and not try to troubleshoot my current machine. Uninstalling NOD32 fixed my problem. ESET may not be interested in figuring out why their product breaks on Windows 7 Pro since it is approaching its end of life, but I don't have hours to spend reinstalling NOD32 to run tests for the company.
  2. I would need to reinstall NOD32 to carry out this plan. I may not have time to spend on this for the next couple of days.
  3. I have been experiencing pervasive blockage of web sites such as Amazon, Facebook, Feedly, and other mainstream sites. This is on a Lenovo laptop running Windows 7 Pro via the latest Chrome browser. After an afternoon spent troubleshooting, I tried uninstralling NOD32. Immediately the problem stopped. There were no warnings or notices about this -- the sites simply would not load. "Connection reset" was the typical message. It looked like a DNS problem, but no amount of troubleshooting in that realm made any difference. Also, it made no difference to turn off "real time protection" in the NOD32 configuration screen. Only a complete uninstall made any difference. What to do? I have turned on Windows Defender for the moment, but would like to have NOD32 working since I just paid for a one-year renewal which is presently going to waste. GB
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