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  1. Poking around some more, I tried to download the latest client right from bitttorrent to see if I could install and uninstall it. When it went to download eset caught it with the same uTorrent.C signature. It said it was just reported 5 days ago so maybe this is a false positive or it be categorized newly? I dont know why add remove programs shows it as installed today though. Maybe I had it installed at one point and an updated just kicked in but the version it showed in add remove programs is from 2017.
  2. Came home and saw that eset had caught Bitttorrent.exe with this. I told it to quarantine it which it did judging by the quarantine log. I dont use bittorrent. It also said it was installed today, which I clearly didnt do. Also in Add/Remove programs there is an entry for Bittorrent with a blank icon, an install date of today, and the modify and remove buttons are both greyed out. Looking in the registry I do not see an entry for Bittorrent HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall. I cant find any information on what this variant does nor know if
  3. I recently installed Eset IS on a new computer. I originally installed the trial but never finished the setup because I didnt have my code on me. I registered later using my code and the install didnt take. The uninstall option was disabled so I attempted to repair the install. Choosing modify then repair, it runs some then insists that I "Please insert the disk" with no way out except cancelling. I then chose remove from the modify menu. Next I tried reinstalling and the update was taking forever and pings to update.eset.com were not consistent. i then downloaded the full offl
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