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  1. Thanks. Still doesn't explain all the pop-ups you get when you open a trojan for example. 1 is enough.
  2. Thanks but still, is 20 warning pop-ups REALLY needed?
  3. I've had this anti-virus for a long time now. I switched from Avast! And to be honest, I regret it. The fact that I get about 20 pop-ups when a virus is detected is freaking ridiculous. For some reason the CCleaner setup file is detected as a potential threat which is very annoying, I have to press "No action" THREE times before it finally leaves it alone. It happens EVERY single time it finds something as simple as a "toolbar virus" (If I can call it that). It feels like it's made for 12 year olds. I'm serious when I say about 20 pop-ups every time something is detected. Also, how do I disable the module that deletes installation files with toolbar options? AND this is one of the biggest problems, you can't change language! Fix this now. I paid for 1 freaking year.
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