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  1. I send the Log Collector of one of the teams that presents the incident of not reporting actions in the report that is generated ees_logs.zip
  2. Good night. What I observe in the reports generated by the ESMC console is worrying, as there are many threats or attacks that do not record any action. What is understood to compromise the security of my computers, servers. I would like to tell me what this anomaly is due to, because the intention is to protect, block, eliminate, and disinfect any attack The report generated by the console and some referential images are attached. Infor.zip
  3. Good afternoon We have server that was infected with a Ransomware. It was possible to extract some of the information from the SysCollector, and various information to determine a possible solution efsw_logs.zip efsw_logs2.zip efsw_logs3.zip Ransonware.rar
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