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  1. I disabled them both, but no luck. I rebooted after each change I made. I created a static group, applied a policy to that group, moved the PC into that group, and then disabled things one by one to try to narrow in on what was causing it. So far, I have not found anything that lets the PC continue. I just tried uninstalling 7.2.2055.0 and then installed 6.6.2089.2. The problem does not seem to occur with 6.6.2089.2.
  2. It does persist after disabling Protocol Filtering. I also tried adding the ZENworks folder to the Exclusions list, but no luck.
  3. We are starting to have PCs that hang during the ZENworks login process. If we remove ESET (7.2.2055.0), the problem goes away. We are using ZENworks 14.1. The PC hangs at the "Processing User Source..." message from Zen. The PC doesn't lockup, but it won't go any further. The only way to get past this is to disconnect the PC from the network, login locally, and then remove ESET. I have tried disabling everything I can find in ESET, but the problem persists. :-( I would like to keep ESET, but I have to find a solution to this issue ASAP. Has anyone else seen this?
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