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  1. Think point is totally missed here, even so you should probably patch your software these steps shouldn't be necessary.
  2. That article only talks about Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Vista not windows 10, the bottom line is no issues without nod32 and there are issues with why should i trust some third party app that i dont know what it does exactly, if i had to go into the windows registry to change some things i would least know what is its changing, unlike that executable. Sorry for reacting overly paranoid but i think if the software requires these kind of things to be done by normal user its probably bad software to begin with, it should run as advertised and not do a
  3. Oke i reinstalled without reboot no issues then reboot issues start again, then uninstall and reboot issues stay away, disabling protocol filtering has no effect, realtime protection no effect, there no firewall so that does't apply. There is no issue in windows this issue only happens when nod32 is installed no issue when i uninstalled it, i hate bad coding as much as anyone but please do not blame Windows when clearly an issue in your software, i give it a week to resolve this issue, after that i just stick to windows defender which is clearly better. Wouldn't surprise me if its hi
  4. Pausing realtime protection no, protocol filtering what is that even i only have nod32 anti virus not security so its possible that section is missing, there no firewall so that is out of question since i only run nod32 There large topic i found and then tryit uninstalling nod32 anti virus and no more micro stutter bassicly, let me reinstall and see which options are avaible to me and if they have any effect. Oh and the topic i mentioned https://www.tenforums.com/performance-maintenance/46819-pc-lagging-stuttering-during-network-traffic-win-10-a-3.html If whitelistin
  5. nod32 installes transfer 1 tb of data at peek transfer rates from nas to hardrive on PC lots of micro stuttering while gaming. Uninstall nod32 ojnly run windows defender with realtime protection and everything, transfer the same 1 tb of data from nas to my hardrive on my PC no lag no micro stutter slightly more consistent speeds mind blown. This has been issue for like few years for me, how come uninstalling your software fix this issue, windows defender clearly has less performance impact on gaming let alone overall use, can you please fix this, or was this what i payed for if
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