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  1. Thanks to all responders... More info: Was using Adblock Plus on Firefox at the time. Filter lists had not been recently updated so that's on me. As per suggestions I installed uBlock Origin; all filters/updates applied. With uO in place wasn't able to exactly replicate prior results as the package had been delivered. ESET did not pop a message when testing the package tracking anyways, but the 'delivered' webpage may be lacking elements on the 'tracking' page necessary to trigger ESET. Testing outcome: inconclusive. Will be ordering more from Amazon in the future, and will report back on results.
  2. Was tracking the progress of a delivery from Amazon when ESET blocked website 'sync.taboola.com'; see PNG 1. Ip-tracker.org showed the information in PNG 2. Continent/country information (Israel is in asia?) was confusing so followed GPS to location shown in PNG 3; which is not in Jerusalem. ipgeolocation.io website showed different coordinates and location (PNG 4); the Netherlands. VERY glad that ESET blocked the site, but concerned because of contradictory ip and geographic information. Lots of questions: Who are these guys? Why are they blocked? Why different ip-related information? Why is this on an Amazon site? Etc... Is this a security/privacy threat? What's going on? Thanks for any help.
  3. Eset keeps producing the 'Cleaned by Deleting - Quarartined' message on Housecall files; the file names change every few days - I'm assuning its the update files. The threat is shown as 'Win32/Riskware.PEMalform.B application' for each file. Anybody else experiencing this? Is it a false positive? Thanks.
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