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  1. are you referring to installing the "ESMCAgentInstaller.bat" file Sir? I downloaded it from ESMC server and already run-as-administrator the .bat file OR should I remove and uninstall first the Agent on the problematic testpc then run this .bat file? Thank you.
  2. Hi Marcos, I have double check the build-in policies. Saw some items that I have missed. Removed everything except the Custom Policies that I have created for this testing. Will update here for the result.
  3. Hi Marcos, Thank you for the response. I have checked the Policy for Management Agent and the ESMC Server IP were already added. I am sorry and Thank you
  4. Hi All, A newbie here for ESMC and ESET stuffs. Would like to share my problems and seek for any inputs and assistance. I would provide as much details as I can so please bare with me -- Everything down below are joined into a Domain -- 1) ESMC installed on Server 2012 R2 (used an All-in-one installer) and configured the basic one so meaning no proxy etc because Im on a testing phase for this version 2) Desktop or client-side are Windows 10 Pro 3) Firewall Policy are all set for this testing so meaning the Server to Client all services allowed vice versa 4) Client-end Windows Firewall turned off completely 5) ESET Server and Client can see each other What I have done so far by means of exploring and playing around and such + Problems encountered 1) Manually installed on client-side the agentx64.msi + eea_nt64.msi file to PC7 = ESMC able to see the PC7 2) Manually installed on client-side the agentx64.msi + eea_nt64.msi file to PC9 = ESMC are not able to see the PC9 3) Tried to use GPO Push installation for PC7 and PC9 and It was verified working upon testing frequently. However ended up the same as above issues.. ESMC cannot see any products installed for PC09 only.. 4) Uninstalled everything using a .bat file to wipe Agent and EEA application and to completely remove "C:\Program Files\ESET" folder to start a new test but unfortunately, problem was still there.. I am confused and stuck up. This only happened when I upgraded from the latest version of EEA 7.2 and Agent 7.1 as well as the ESMC Server 7.1.717.0 I have installed the latest ESMC All-in-one already and perform the basics as aforementioned Another thing is I cannot perform Task Activation on PC7 even if I followed the guide from here. Please see the attached Server Log and PC7 Log. pc07.rar server.rar
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