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  1. I use a few Windows Xp client and in the beginning of (2019) november some computers had failed with the update from the newest esmc server. These computers had amd cpus from the early 2000s. I know that the latest working version of the EAV is 6.5.x for windows XP, but i can still use the 6.6.2089.0 with other hardware oriented pcs. I have problem just with the specific amd cpus or i dont know what was the problem. Later i detect that the pcs which had AMD oriented older cpus ended with blue screen death. I think that this caued by the ESET software. I can see now some logs in the event viewer which said that there was some error with the following module: em001_32.dll. Was there any update which could cause this type of error? I know that i must replace sooner or later this pcs, but im curious what was the problem?
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