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  1. Hello I have several computers with the 7.3.2044.0 version of endpoint antivirus. Ive finished the server upgrade to the newest Eset Protect product and i want to try the PCU function. I must upgrade manually to the 8.0.2028.0 version and after that i can use the PCU? Or i must wait for the 8.1xx release and after that i can use the automatic upgrade?
  2. Dear Support! I want to ask you about when did the endpoint antivirus 8 released in the future? In early Decemeber i must update my ESMC server to the latest one if i want to get the newer upgrade for the agent and endpoint?
  3. I have several pc's and i installed endpoint antivirus in this year manually with 7.0.xx, 7.2.xx versions etc. I didn't saw any possibilities to automatic update these software versions. My question is after the ESMC update of December can i update my older 7.0 versions with the newer version automatically by PCU? Or before that i must to upgrade my endpoint softwares to 7.3.x ?
  4. I use a few Windows Xp client and in the beginning of (2019) november some computers had failed with the update from the newest esmc server. These computers had amd cpus from the early 2000s. I know that the latest working version of the EAV is 6.5.x for windows XP, but i can still use the 6.6.2089.0 with other hardware oriented pcs. I have problem just with the specific amd cpus or i dont know what was the problem. Later i detect that the pcs which had AMD oriented older cpus ended with blue screen death. I think that this caued by the ESET software. I can see now some logs in the event viewer which said that there was some error with the following module: em001_32.dll. Was there any update which could cause this type of error? I know that i must replace sooner or later this pcs, but im curious what was the problem?
  5. I want to deploy the agent to new clients. I didnt try via GPO because the standard way was worked with the older ESMC server and i want to use this function. Maybe the new built policies are the problem?
  6. Is there any way to downgrade the newest esmc server to an old one? I upgraded my server but after that i cant deploy agent to the clients.
  7. I didnt tried GPO or SCCM but the Remote Deployment tool works. Now my questions is what will be the problem with the push from the web client? Maybe the created BAT extension file that contains the repository agent information and cant be run on the client? Update: The remote deployment tool work, but only installs the agent from the all in one installer the endpoint security not.
  8. The problem is maybe the agent files not updated on the server side?
  9. The component upgrade task is working but my problem is that i want to remote installing the esmc agent in newly installed windows system and the process does not run on the client. When i download the all in one installer it works. But when i download the agent installer bat and run it, it doesnt work.
  10. Hi everyone! I upgrade my Security Management Center Server to the newest version (7.1.717) but after that i cant install remotely the esmc agent. The system shows that the task completed successfully but i cant see any proccess on the client I use the clients on domain where can be found several computer with few operation system (windows xp-win8.1). I use domain authentication on the task creating. Before the upgrade the remote agent worked in every client.
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