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  1. I have ESET Protect v9.1.1295.0 installed. This is a new installation so all the products should be the newest version. I ran a vulnerability scan on the server that ESET Protect is installed on and the Apache server has a HTTP Trace/Track Methods Allowed vulnerability that dates back to 2003. The recommendation from Apache is to upgrade to Apache 2.0.44. Will this version work with ESET Protect or is there another method for remediation?
  2. Our current ESET Protect server is a Windows Server 2012. I want to install a new Server 2019 or preferrably 2022 and "move" our current install to the new server. What all is involved in this move?
  3. OK, I'll do a test upgrade today with ESET installed.
  4. We are working on a process for upgrading Windows 10 Education 1909 to 21H2. It is recommended to disable/suspend any antivirus software during the upgrade process. I tried using the net stop command, but that will not work. Is there a way to stop the service?
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