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  1. Hello, It did not occur since november 21. I think that, as noted in my previous post, disabling and reenabling the "HTTP proxy" server setting fixed the situation. This is the only change I made on that day (or it was a DNS issue on my side or a faulty server on ESET side). You can close that topic as you want. Thanks again for your help
  2. @DRGluke thank you for that info. The problem did not occur since last thursday. That day, I went in the "HTTP proxy" server setting I disabled and enabled. Maybe that fixed the issue. If it happen again, I will restart the service and then try an update as DRGluke advised. Thank you for your help
  3. I rebooted the server a few hours ago so I can't test right now, but the HTTP proxy is enabled in "Server settings > Advanced settings > HTTP proxy" and the clients have a policy setting the proxy. I will restart the Apache service for testing. The HTTP Proxy is on the same server that the ESMC server
  4. @Vladimirov E.A. sorry I missed your message. No it's not solved. Today I had 125 out of 400 computers unable to update their modules and reach LiveGrid. Rebooting the server instantly solved the problem... the issue is linked to it, but I don't understand how. What do you mean by "upgrading the entire software package" My ESMC server is up to date : ESET Management Agent 7.1.717.0 ESET Security Management Center Server 7.1.717.0 ESET Rogue Detection Sensor 1.1.693.0 ESET Endpoint Ant
  5. Hello, I also discovered that I can't update the Modules and the Product. I have two error lines in the client stating that "The download was interrupted"... I try Wireshark, diagnostics and Log collector to see what happen.
  6. I can confirm that my clients can Ping every hostname provided in your documentation. And the port 53 is open in their firewall. I don't understand why rebooting the server unlock the situation. Do clients contact your servers through the local ESMC server ?
  7. Hello, No I don't know. All clients properly contact the ESMC server and accepts tasks and modules updates. The error message is shown both in the ESMC console and on clients.
  8. Hello, We updated our ESMC server to version 7.1.717.0 last week and since then we need to reboot it every 1-2 days to unblock the clients which cannot contact "ESET LiveGrid" anymore. Over the day, an overgrowing number of clients report the issue "ESET LiveGrid is not reachable". Rebooting the server fixes the issue immediately. This happens with up to date clients (antivirus and agents) and not yet up to date clients. We made no change to our network infrastructure. Do I need to care about my Windows server DNS cache ? Thank you for your help.
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