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  1. Temporarily pausing real-time protection make a difference did not make difference. We have reviewed configuration with our administrator, disabled the on-idle scan and automatic full scan. Since then the problem does not occur, probably this was the cause of issues mentioned above.
  2. Hello, few weeks ago I upgraded antivirus to 7.1 actually it is version 2053. I am runing latest updated windows 10. Since upgrade I have issues with CPU usage, in task manager I see ESET Service consuming approx. 30-35% cpu for hours. The issue was not before upgrade. Last week I switched over to new notebook, and I the issue is here even with brand new notebook, 4 core cpu is approx. 30% cpu usage. This activity can last for hours, notebook cpu is hot and fan is noisy. It is very annoying. Sometimes this does not happen for days, but sometimes it lasts hours. I would like to know how can I see eset logs to see what is causing this activity, if I can get rid of this somehow. Before upgrade I did not even know I run the Eset antivirus, it was so low cpu usage. Thanks !
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