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  1. I posted this problem a year ago when I upgraded to OS X Catalina. After much discussion and troubleshooting with Apple Tech Support, they strongly recommended uninstalling ESET for Mac. I asked them what they recommended as an alternative: they said Malwarebytes. I moved to Malwarebytes at that time and haven't had any further issues since then. Good luck
  2. At this juncture, I don't intend to invest the time to reinstall ESET on these machines for the sake of recreating the problem to provide you with data. (I'm now using a competitor's product; actually, the one recommended by Apple engineering). I'm bringing it to your attention as a data point. If it's a real issue, there will be other users who experience it and report on it. I'll continue watching to see if that's the case and you find a solution to it. If so, perhaps I'll reinstall them at some point in the future. In the meantime, my subscription values waste away.
  3. Immediately after installing the last MacOS update to Mojave, my MacBookPro began experiencing intermittent connectivity issues with internet servers. The only means of restoring connectivity was to do a reboot of the machine, and then connectivity would resume for periods lasting from minutes to days. The issue was a in a mid-to-higher level protocol in the stack as physical network connectivity (WiFi or Ethernet) was never impaired. I installed Catalina and the issue persisted. I escalated a trouble ticket with Apple's engineering: after evaluating my machine config and logs, they pinpointed ESET Cybersecurity for Mac as the culprit. I uninstalled ESET and the problem went away entirely. I operate a couple of other Macs, as well, which all have been running ESET for years. After upgrading my MacPro to Catalina, it started showing the exact same issue. I uninstalled ESET on that machine and it runs fine now. Something in the preparation for, or arrival of, Catalina disagreed with the recent versions of Cyber for Mac. Can you suggest when that issue will be fixed and I can resume using my Cyber for Mac subscriptions? Thanks
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