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  1. hi do you have other security software , installed alongside of eset? this might interfere with eset components.
  2. Hi minimalist I suggest you to switch from utorrent to qbittorrent , it has the same gui as utorrent but minus the extra and unwanted software that comes attached with. in my case qbittorrent starts up in 3 seconds with out any problems and I have eset is installed here. maybe the problem lies that eset scans the traffic / outbound and inbound connections when it " phones home " utorrent is riddled with adware and bundled with all sorts of nasties...
  3. since yesterday my 2 browsers ( chrome and brave ) do lag for about 8 or 10 seconds for fully opening up my home page ( startpage.com ) since installing internet security. this occurs on innitial browser startup. worth mentioning is that I run adguard desktop , malwarebytes anti exploit as well and have the following browser plugins : https everywhere , netcraft anti phising , privacy posum , decentraleyes , and fluffbusting ( facebook purity ) enabled. anyone else having this problem?
  4. Hi all. yesterday wanted to install the trial version of eset internet secruity , so I downloaded the live installer from the dutch eset site. I ran it as admin , but it failed installing on me in three occasions , the first time after 6% completion and the second and third time at 66% completion. the installer suggested me to download the offline installer instead. it was a pain to find it on the official site , so I can imagine how hard it will be to find , for a person that is not that computer savy to find...It would be beter , if offline installers would be easier accessable in the d
  5. Hi evryone! My Name is Crystal_Lake_Camper and I live in the Netherlands. I have used eset in the past , when it still was nod32 , and also a brief time when smart security 5 was coming out. I decided to give v13 a trial run , and I must say that I am very impressed with its progress. when trial runs I out , I will buy a license for sure . like my user name suggest I am a huge fan of 80s horror and slasher movies and am passionate about computers and security. I am so glad to join this forum , and hope to interact and learn a lot here , thanks for reading and having me here!
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