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  1. Hello @Peter Randziak, The link does not work. Would you please check the link again ? Rasel
  2. Hello @Peter Randziak I have already tried according to this article. But, issue did not resolve. Rasel
  3. Hello @Marcos Yes. I have installed ESET Cyber Security Pro 6.8 (Latest Version Downloaded from official site)
  4. I use ESET Cyber Security Pro on my Mac. After upgrading macOS to Catalina (10.15.1), I am facing some problems. It worked on macOS Mojave perfectly. The problem related to Kernel Extention. I have attached the error message. So, you may understand the problems well. I have tried several times, but failed to solve. So, please help me to solve this issue. *Noted that I am new to Mac.
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