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  1. I confirm this behavior : With the "--log-all" option, the memory usage climb up to 40% and scan crash. Without the "--log-all" option, the memory usage is stable at ~2% and scan ends sucessfully. Might be a memory leak or something .
  2. It seems that the option "--log-all" cause this. I will confirm this after more tests.
  3. Hello, When I scan a 3.5Go+ zip file with the CLI scan tool (esets_scan) it crash with Trap/Breakpoint trap (Core dumped) error. My PC have enough RAM as the crash occured at ~40% RAM used. I succesfully scanned the same file throught the GUI witch in-depth profile. I succesfully scanned the same file with the option --max-arch-level=3 (3 is the max, 4 crash the scan). I succesfully scanned the same file but unziped before runing the scan. The zip contains multiple file : jar, msi installer, and more. esets_scan version : 4.0.93 System : Ubuntu 18.04.2 Tried with disable apparmor. Tried to copy the "in-depth" profile from the GUI with the command line tool. The used command line : /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_scan --aind --clean-mode="none" --no-quarantine --log-all --max-arch-level=10 --preserve-time "FILE" I would really appreciate some insight on this as it may be a bug in the CLI tool itself.
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