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  1. I got some help (Windows 10 works a bit differently... got to the command prompt differently!) and decided to trust the 2 IP addresses I was receiving since they were in the safe zone as 10.0.0.X addresses. I stopped the notifications and life is peaceful again! Thanks for all the help.
  2. Just getting back to this. I am most concerned with figuring out if I trust the remote computer so I know if I trust it. The instructions you offered, Wiseman, are more complicated than I understand. Can you give me a little more detail? After clicking on the Windows Start button, should I see an "All Programs" and "Accessories" link or graphic? It lists all the programs but I don't know what the next step is. I don't see a command prompt, though I can search on it. I'm sure I'm missing something simple but need your help to point me in the right direction! Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the response! How can I tell what device has the IP address linked to the word "computer?" I do have a multi port USB connected to my laptop. I have had it for years without this problem. Thanks...
  4. I just moved to a new home in Sarasota, Florida. I set up my computer a few days ago but only today started getting a message of a "network event blocked" called "ARP Cache Poisoning attack." It further says "A computer on the network is sending malicious traffic. This can be an attempt to attack your computer." These messages are coming in 1 per second! The only other computer on the network is my husband's. We have a wireless router through Comcast. I have a wireless printer and my iPhone. I am not a techy and very confused. The IP address starts with 10.0.0. and the last 3 digits has changed at least twice and then back again. I didn't see anything in the community about this. I welcome any help and advice. Gail
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