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  1. You have to download password manager extension on your browser. The new one. Then, simply open the extension and select "I forgot my password". I think this is the way I did it.
  2. Hello Ladderman. Where did you find the 24-digit recovery key that is asked? I can not find it? What is this key?
  3. Hello. I have a problem with the new upgrade of password manager. In particular, I can not figure out how to us this tool in my pc. Instructions provided in this link didn't help me. What is this "24-digit recovery key" being asked and where can I find it?
  4. Thank you. So should I just change the type of my network from Home to Public? Can I have some more information regarding how I can protect myself and prevent the worst? Do you think I should really purchase my own router? I think I might have to do the latter.
  5. Hello everyone. I am a very pleased Premium user of ESET. I am also very impressed with the feautures available. Speaking of which, when using Connected Home Monitor, sometimes I see devices with blocked traffic (which is good). Those devices belong to my neighbors, with whom I share the internet (wifi only). Sharing wifi password was a mutual agreement between us (cost reduction purposes mainly). The router device is in his home (so he only has the password of the router and the ID). Lately though, I am more concerned about the cyber-security issues of this agreement and whether ot not
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