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  1. Finally disable my prt sc button using this software : https://keytweak.informer.com/ . Now nothing in clipboard. But find some image collections in screenshot folder. As far as i open the folder,they get disappear!
  2. My one drive is not automatically saving screen shot from clipboard. There is no files in the screenshot folder of one drive. Just enabled a setting to open sniper tool by pressing the prt sc button.(See attachment). At first they can't capture the screenshot, because it just open the sniper tool. But later that button enable them to copy the screenshot again to clipboard! Any idea to see and control the network usage in my pc by different programms?
  3. Hi Itman, Thanks for that info. How to do positive signature detection of the backdoor code ?
  4. Hi Marcos, I'm a Windows user.I use Win+v for the clipboard history. Once i changed my OS to Ubuntu. Then also the screen blink with a capture sound and files were saved to picture folder. Someone capture screenshot for collecting credential data. Like this:https://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/hacking-windows-10-capture-exfiltrate-screenshots-remotely-0183646/ I think you guys on cyber security can resolve this.
  5. This screenshot is not taken. when ever i open paint tool and press c+v, some screenshot pictures appear. Something captures my screenshots and copy to clipboard. eset is not detecting why is this happens.
  6. This is my first time on Eset forum. I saw something copy my desktop screenshot at a regular interval of time. (see attachment) I scanned whole computer with eset. But it shows all clear. Can you guys help me to figure it out. There is no "prt sc " faults
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