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  1. I wonder how we could roll back the em036 module to before the 28th at 10am. If we can't work something out I suppose it's time to uninstall ESET. Possibly use another product until this has been corrected.
  2. I have that same version in that folder from 09:50 this morning. So I'm guessing we don't have a fix.
  3. I've had to restart the box to get you this screen capture. The server will start having problems around 14:00 tomorrow. I can allow you access to the server for a look if you like, as staff have now gone home.
  4. I've also noticed that while the system is in a semi crashed state the right click function on icons doesn't work. Also the ESET processes don't take up any of the CPU so it probably not scanning.
  5. Yea I've been rebooting since Monday. I tried to stop the modules updating but no luck. Just a pain to have to keep kicking users off to reboot.
  6. If I'm allowed to reboot the Server then I will check the module version. If not then I will let you know in a couple of hours. Eset console doesn't open
  7. Hi, We are experiencing the same issue on our RDS 2016 server, rebooting fixes the problem but its doing this 2x a day. Eset File Security stops responding and doesn't load, also explorer.exe crashes. Any help would be fantastic. Kind regards Jason
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