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  1. Hello, or I can find eShell.exe and also a documentation? it is very urgent for me to disable the filtering of lunch hours.
  2. ok, damage is it possible to create a windows scheduled that will import a file .xml ? if yes, what is the command line?
  3. Hello, Sorry form my English (Google Traductor) Is it possible to automatically disable the internet filter has specific hours. Example at lunchtime so that Employers can use internet during the time for rest. And is active internet filter repise houre of work. thank you for your reply.
  4. ok, this is very unfortunate thank you for the quick response
  5. Hello, Sorry form my english (Google Traductor...) I try to change the page that appears when did wants to access a website blocker. I would like to customize a page with my company logo with a standard phrase. Example: "This site is blocked by the IT department to access this site has made ​​a request to the IT department.." thank you for your reply.
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