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  1. Hello, I'm using Eset Smart Security V8.0.304.0, on Windows 7 Home Premium (fully up to date) I use interactive mode firewall, and when asked i click ("remember action(create rule)) i get the error message "failed to change settings". I have re-installed the product via the live installer this morning and no change was made.
  2. really ? this hasn't been fixed . I'm still fighting with my USB stick EVERYTIME. what do you need me to post so you can look into this, like everyone else, USB stick will not read when "Real-time protection" is on but when you unplug the USB turn it off and bingo works first time.
  3. yes my OS is installed on 60Gb SSD drive and the install folder was 10GB so after doing some research and making a backup i deleted the folder. i was just about to restore the back up when i checked this thread again. Thank you for your reply it worked fine ( i didn't have to reinstall NIC drivers, as the program warned), and you clearly have very detailed product knowledge. This thread can be locked \ deleted as needed ,
  4. ESET told me this morning that the application files needed to be updated, so i ran the update from within the client, a windows installer window appeared, the bar started moving and then it disappeared. I checked the version, and i was still on 6.0.316.0 . I manually downloaded the setup file and ran from an admin account , i received the attached message . I therefore tried to remove the software manually form add/remove program it gave me the same message. i am now out of ideas .
  5. Please be more specific as to what "something" means. We need to know what exact message or alert you got. Also we'll need to know if disabling real-time protection OR firewall remedies the issue. These are independent protection modules so it should be enough to temporarily disable either one. Nobody has ever refused to assist you. You registered here just a few hours ago and this was your very first post. I'm not sure if English is not your first language but he clearly never says, Anyone has refused to help him. He says that ESET does not have a feature that TOTALLY stops it from working almost as if it wasn't there (like most other companies do). On topic, i have the same problem as OP, but it happens to a number of different software (Orgin, Nvidia Geforce) I believe this is related , some times when i download a *.exe, i wont be able to open it, move it, delete it , the only thing i can do is rename it and then it works sometimes. This is not the biggest issues for me ATM, but i will make another thread for that problem. unlucky for me my subs goes on for months so i cant just jump ship.
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