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  1. I use additional command line parameters --proxy-hostname and --proxy-port, But it did not work and my Agent activation through proxy server did not done!
  2. I use Microsoft Exchange 2013 for mail server. My edge server have "ESET mail security for microsoft exchange server" eset product. On "TOOLS ---> Protection Statistics ---> mail server antispam protection" I have 53% Not scanned email. I think that is unusual. Please help me that is usual or hazardous???!!!
  3. Hello! I install Red Hat Linux 6.6 and use offline installation method for ESET Agent. I use this command for Agent installation: ./agent-linux-x86_64.sh --skip-license --cert-path=/home/admin/Desktop/agent.pfx --hostname= --port=2222 But proxy server address is different from "hosname=" and uses same port "2222". I install Agent successfully, But Agent do not add to ESMC console. I think that activation through proxy server did not done truly.
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