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  1. Hello MrHacker, I just want to let you know that ESET have mentioned that a new GUI is in the works so it will change sooner or later.
  2. Welcome welcome. Tell me one thing that one doesn't learn over at Wilders Thanks for the welcome SweX. It was at Wilders I got my first introduction to Eset. There was a software giving of different security products. I won a prize of Eset anti-virus. I then took out a 2 or 3 year subscription of my own. I think I then reverted to freebies. That must be 10 or more years ago. The product has very much improved since then. Yes Wilders was a good home for ESET and it's users, but this ain't bad either
  3. Welcome welcome. Tell me one thing that one doesn't learn over at Wilders
  4. Hi Darren! I'm very well, hope you are too. And i'm happy that you find your way over here.
  5. Nice story Duncan! I will try to remember to post my story here in about 40 years when I have had my life experiences(hopefully)
  6. You can add an Avatar if you like, but I don't think it's possible to add images to the signature area, wich I think is good since they can be more annoying than useful IMHO.
  7. ESET cleans files by default, ie. unless you deliberately disable cleaning. Maybe you were referring to cleaning via the context menu scan which is available under Advanced options in versions up to v6. As of v7, cleaning is available as the first option in the context menu. Yes, but after i performed a scan, it showed a virus but shows no options which it should in scan window. I think it would be much easier for a user to remove a virus if it shows options in scan window rather than right clicking on the virus to clean it. I have another problem. When parental control is enabled, web pages take a lot of time to load,even google. Why is it happening? It would be best if you create a new thread for this problem, so we don't continue the troubleshooting in here.
  8. Many vendors (including ESET) do not detect tracking cookies, as they are not really malicious like malware. And the solution is actually very simple, when you're done browsing clear out the cookies, temps, cache, etc... manually in the browsers settings. Or you can download CCleaner and run it once you have exit the browser, and it will do all that for you. But be sure to opt out of the 3'rd party bundle stuff during the CCleaner installation if you don't want it, (or one can download the "slim build" that also is available on piriform.com that don't have anything bundled in the installer)
  9. Just FYI, the startup scan takes between 3-10 Sec on average in my experience and that is on a very old PC as well (amount of startup items and hardware may play a role), and the antispam is getting better continuously. Regarding the GUI, it sounds like a new one is in the works.....
  10. Orange was just fine as it was before IMO. I mean if something more "severe" is happening then it will turn Red as it still does of course, but Orange for "hey I need your attention" is OK I think. But maybe that's just me, and each to their own I guess.
  11. Some people may think that releasing an VSD update every 7'th hour (or so) is not a good approach, as some vendors release one every hour, while ESET releases an VSD "as needed" wich I am perfectly fine with. But VSD updates is not the only updates that we get! So I want to add a quote by Marcos from the old forum at Wilders, and this IMO should be displayed as a feature (or at least mention it in the product description) on the product/s page on Eset.com as it is quite interesting fact to know about the product. Without giving away any critical details of course as Marcos says below... P.S I hope it's OK to share this here, I figure if it weren't OK to talk about it then Marcos wouldn't have told us about this feature in the first place
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