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  1. Same here I totally agree.... "Touch me touch me I wanna feel your body..." <-- Samantha Fox They could use that song in a commercial for a product that is all about the magic touch
  2. I can see it's been added now, thanks
  3. @dwomack To change your email and/or password: Click your name at the top right of the window Click My Settings In the menu on the left, click Email & Password Enter your new email and/or password I think it's just me being picky again but it could be useful if someone more comes here that don't find their way around how to change password to have all the info needed in the first post. So my little suggestion is that you edit in what you wrote above into post #1 here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/2590-security-incident-on-forumesetcom/ Sorry for being picky....again
  4. Welcome ismethere. Java Island.....I hope it's not mandatory to have Java installed there
  5. Bypassing the Phishing block if all it is is a Phishing website (no malware) will not result in an infected computer, I guess there might be Phishing websites having malware on them as well, but if it's just a fake version of a known website accessing it will not infect your computer with malware. But bypassing a website blocked because there's malware on it is a much more serious situation. And having a bypass option for malware sites makes it very easy for users that thinks that ESET is wrong when it blocks a website due to malware to bypass and voila...."Oh no ESET were right!!!" So it's better like it is now (and a user choice) to exclude that website and by doing so you'll be able to access that particular site, of course it's not recommended. But before excluding it, it could be a good idea to post a question like "I have been visiting this website for years, and now ESET says there's malware on it, is the site really infected?" @Arakasi. Yes I hope all understand what you mean
  6. Ahh that's the "Quote" function , if you want to quote someone then press the Quote button and then add your own message under or over the quote window, that way it is easier to know what member you responded too, @Kathyhl works as well of course. OK sounds like a plan, if you have questions about Malwarebytes then you can always start a new topic in the "General" forum section and we'll do our best to answer them.
  7. Hi, I have never heard of Trojan Remover before so I can't recommend it or comment on how good/bad it might be. My suggestion for a second opinion scanner is still Malwarebytes as I know how it works, and how effective it can be.
  8. Hello and Welcome I agree with Arakasi, despite the name virus in Antivirus, no antivirus programs detects viruses only, these days they are Anti-MALWARE programs, Malware being a generic term for as good as all types of threats like, Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Adware, Rootkits etc etc...So yes ESET will detect the Trojans as well as any other malicious stuff that tries to sneak in. If you want, you could post the path to whatever TrojanHunter detects as it feels more like an false-positive(detection of a clean file/files) being detected each time you run a scan with it. If you want to get rid of Trojanhunter, you should know it's still good to have a so-called "second opinion scanner" wich can pick up threats in case something is missed by ESET. And a good one for that job is Malwarebytes Free, wich you can run an on-demand scan with once a month or so.
  9. Wow I don't think I have seen so many requests in a singel post before. Though it doesn't actually sound like you have used ESET since many of the requests is already in the product. Black GUI's like that one is something I really hate, it doesn't look professional and is absolutely not easy to use for every user wich is important. GUI's must be, easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to navigate.
  10. Same here, and I don't think we have to worry about ESET taking the wrong route over a cliff. Especially when we know that a new GUI is in the works as we speak, even if not everyone will like the new GUI when they see it it's still a new GUI as some people say the current one looks outdated. Though it's not really outdated, it's simply what an easy to use GUI can look like non-metro style. hxxp://www.myce.com/news/wzor-leaks-info-about-windows-8-2-windows-9-and-cloud-based-os-71232/ Yes so it seems, MS is moving away from the Metro style more and more wich is great news for all Win users that use Win on non-touch devices/displays.
  11. The home and business products does not share the version number, the latest product for Home users is V7, and the latest business version is V5 I believe. And Afaik the answer is yes, just like with the home products you are free to upgrade to newer versions when they become available.
  12. Welcome LezSee. Good choice you've made coming to ESET. And getting two new computers just like that ain't bad I must say Cheers, and see you around
  13. And here's some info about the ESET Unilicense: hxxp://www.eset.com/me/home/unilicense/
  14. Of course Ryan will enjoy it, you're here Ryan Welcome new Ryan. I'm a gamer too mostly on console (except FPS that has to be played with keyboard and mouse), but haven't played much the last few years.
  15. Thanks ESET and everyone else too. Yes I agree with the previous members that lack of knowledge feels like the biggest reason why not more people use it.
  16. Yeah could fit nicely somewhere in the "Help and support" tab.
  17. 1. It doesn't "talk" at all in the default automatic mode, for obvious reasons. The other modes are only meant for advanced and experienced users. 2. As usual I will recommend Sandboxie or other standalone sandbox for people who likes sandbox type programs. 3. A new GUI is in the works, that's all we know for now.
  18. ESET's response was that a site is either good or bad, there's nothing inbetween wich is why they haven't added a traffic light system for links. If it's bad or potentially suspicious then it's blocked, and if it's good then you're allowed access. I am split in this question, but I do agree with ESET on this that's it's not really needed. Useful perhaps but not needed. I guess I belong in the group that thinks "only add features if it's really needed" to keep the product as small as possible. And nothing will prevent the user from clicking on a link with a red mark only because ESET says so. "Red mark why? pffft I will go there anyway"
  19. Yes I know the guide you referring to But there's no need to do that in the recent versions. You are very fine with using the defaults actually so no need to tweak anything. If you know how to you can change the HIPS and or Firewall modes to your liking but that's about it I would say. The only thing there is to tweak is maybe to enabled detections for PUAs and Suspicious apps wich I have done.
  20. Welcome Fred. No problem at all. The more you read and write English the better you will get. Several members in here including me, don't have English as our first language and we're doing just fine I think.
  21. Same here! @ali If you want a sanbox like program, then you should take a look at Sandboxie (hxxp://www.sandboxie.com/) wich is very popular among those who want or already use a sandbox type program. @Admin. Once again my message disappeard after I clicked on the post button!!!
  22. "clean" means that it will try to clean the infection afaik.
  23. I believe the current color codes are as the following: HIPS - Orange PUA/PUP/PSA*(?) - Orange Threat - Red FW Outbound - Green FW Inbound - Red (unless the connection is from the Trusted Zone, then it's green as well) New Network Detection - Blue I think the orange color is fit for the PUA/PUP but for HIPS some new color might be needed, blue can be used because AFAIK it's only used by the firewall when a new network is detected and that's a completely different looking dialog, but again any other color can be used, blue was just an example. Yeah I believe you're right on the current colors that are used. :thumbup:
  24. Yeah when you put it like that, I agree. I wouldn't mind if the PUP notification color would be changed to something that get's the users attention, but would also show that it's not a severe malware detection (so not Red anyway). Maybe light purple to make it different. Edit: What's the firewall notification color now again....Orange or Light Blue is it not? (I can't check myself at the moment) Forget it... I think It's Green if I remember correctly I wouldn't mind if the PUP/PUA, HIPS, and Firewall notification windows, would be in 3 different colors.
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